Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take appointments?

No. We are a walk-in, rock n roll barbershop. You can get on our list by checking-in on our website from any smart device.

Why are there names on the list when I checked in the minute the list opened?

A line sometimes gathers at our doors before the shop opens. Those waiting in line are added to the list before the shop opens. This assures people without a smart phone can get a great haircut.

Can I request a specific barber to cut my hair?

Yes. Although checking in for first available will always have the least wait time. You are able to request any of the barbers on the list.

Why is my favorite barber not on the list?

The barber is not working that day or has not clocked in for their shift.

Why does the wait times change sometimes?

It is an estimation algorithm based on amount of names on list and how many barbers are working. If a client cancels their spot, the time will drop. If you can’t make the cut, please reply CANCEL to text message and your name will be automatically removed.

If I’m on the list but get held up do I lose my place in line?

We won’t remove you from the list and will take the next available client down on the list. . If we have tried to contact you through our text system with no response, we would eventually remove you from the list to keep the algorithms as accurate as possible.

What if I don’t like my haircut?

Pretty rare but we stand behind our product. If your unhappy in any way please let barber know so we can fix it or make it right.

Can I get color or highlites in my hair?

No, we would recommend a salon for that service.

How do I check in?

Best option is from a smart device, the other is from our kiosk in shop.

Hey! Why was I was skipped!?

Unintentional. Maybe we called your name and you didn’t speak up, maybe someone was on the digital list ahead of you waiting in their car. Please interrupt one of our barbers so we can investigate and do our best to make it right. We do our best to not miss anyone.

Do you only do mens hair cuts?

Our policy is to cut all types and lengths of hair. Both for men, women, and small children. Don’t be afraid to bring a picture to help in your consultation.